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With the increase in technology, Azza optometry now provide ORTHOKERATOLOGY (Ortho-K) treatment. Now you can live your daily life free of wearing glasses using this new treatment. Contact our optometrist for more info.

p/s: It is the 2nd most effective treatment for myopia control ( Managing kids short sightedness )

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A pair of sunnies will not only protect your eyes from devastating eye illness, it will also change your look.

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In this COVID19 era, we need to limit our time being in contact with crowded places. At Azza Optometry we provide professional services ( all conducted by our highly trained & licensed optometrist). A part of our services includes:

- Fundus imaging ( Highly adviseable examination for elder people)

-Anterior eye health examination using slit lamp.

-Dry eye examination.

- Myopia management

- Specialty contact lenses.

Eye examination and spectacle prescription is conducted by our licensed optometrist.

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